Our Kantha collection is ethically produced by a family business based in New Delhi. We have worked with this family for over 4 years importing small-batch collections of one-of-a-kind, shawls and scarves.


These beautiful pieces are made from vintage saris up-cycled into fashion pieces. Two saris are put back to back and then sewn together with the "Kantha" running stitch, creating a scarf of shawl with a completely different colour and pattern on either side. 


Silk looks beautiful with it's lustrous sheen, is a durable fibre and is both warming and cooling. Each of these pieces are unique in pattern and colour and threads. Frayed edges, patches are all part of the nature of working with vintage cloth and re-creating a new product from old.


  • Fiber:

    100% silk



    Length: approx 2 meters
    Width: approx 1 meter



    Handwash with cold water

    Hang to dry

  • Changed your mind? No problem.

    To initiate a return or exchange, email marigoldcollective@gmail.com.