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Marigold Collective is a social enterprise dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. We partner with women-focused Artisan Cooperatives in developing countries to provide market access for their high quality products.  


Our goal is to support women in their effort to overcome poverty and to being able to provide a sustainable livelihood for their families while preserving heritage craft traditions.

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With artisan activity being the second largest employer in the developing world, millions of women depend on the income earned from these activities. Marigold Collective sells certified fair trade, direct trade and ethically sourced goods  handcrafted by artisans who have been paid a fair wage, are working under safe working conditions and are treated with respect and dignity.  


While we source primarily from companies that are members of Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization, there are a few exceptions.  For these companies we research their practices to understand how they apply Fair Trade principles, and to ensure that they are adhering to Fair Trade values. 

Fair Trade protects the environment by re-enforcing practices that minimize environmental impact while supporting community development through workplace structures where artisans invest in better housing, healthcare and education for their communities.  Fair Trade empowers producers and creates sustainable, positive change.

We are interested in supporting artisans who embrace their country’s unique traditional art forms and engage in sustaining ancient techniques.  We believe this helps preserve a country’s cultural heritage while also increasing the value of the artists’ works within the global marketplace through new products and design approaches.






Our team

Paula Terrio-Boyd


Hi!  I'm Paula! I  started Marigold Collective as a social enterprise in 2013. I have a background in community development, fashion, retail, and working towards social justice through fair trade.  Creating Marigold Collective has allowed me to combine all of these passions into one focus.

I like to work with products made with fair trade principals, transparency and sustainable/ecological production methods.  Creating more opportunities for low-income artisans through access to design and new markets is my main goal. 

Many women all over the world, are the first to slip down the economic ladder due to the hardship of maintaining family responsibilities.  The women's cooperatives we work with enable women to bring their earnings back to their families and communities, impact areas like education and health care. I believe that
"trade and not aid" is the way to break the poverty cycle.  Your interest and purchase is the most simple and mutually beneficial way to empower disadvantaged women. 


I'm Sophie! I have worked alongside my mom (Paula Terrio-Boyd) since the beginning of Marigold Collective, and I help with marketing and buying projects.

My background is in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity and I currently work in the tech sales space and assist with Marigold Collective activities on the side!

Sophie Barbagallo










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