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Crafted by a fair trade women's cooperative in Bangladesh, the Jute Tote is extremly durable with leather handles, fastened on rivets. They cary over 90 pounds! The Jute tote is 100% biodegradable. The Jute Tote is also very sustainable. Not only is Jute 100% biodegradable, it also has a low CO2 footprint, relesasing (literally) tons of Oxygen into the air!


Hand spun threads are woven together on a traditional handloom to produce these fair trade, high quality, eco-friendly wool shawls.  This cooperative was formed by a group of tribal women in 2001 and supports artisans engaged in the craft of hand-weaving and preserving heritage craft tradition.  20% real pashmina and 80% fine wool.

Hanoi Amethyst.jpg

These natural fiber, handcrafted scarves are produced in collaboration with a women's cooperative in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Safe dye ingredients are used to protect the environment and water source.  Ecologically sustainable natural materials are used such as silk that is farmed locally.


Kantha is a form of embroidery popular in India and Bangladesh.  A simple running stitch joins these 100% silk, vintage saris together and thereby "upcyclying" them to create beautiful scarves and shawls.  Each piece is one-of-kind and you are sure to have an original piece.  Ethically sourced with a small family business in the north of India.

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