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manali SHAWL collection


Our Manali Wool Shawl Collection is created by a Fair-Trade women's cooperative located in the Western Himalaya region of India.  This group was formed by a group of Tibetan and Ladakhi tribal women in 2001, with the aim of creating and sustaining employment for women and their families in this remote area.  Fast forward, they now have a production team of designers and artisans with a network of 800 weavers led by its 5 female executive members.  Free training of handloom weaving is provided to family and community members and this coop generates income for more than 150 families.  As a creative cooperative, this group pride themselves in producing high quality, all uniquely hand-loomed cloth and an Eco-friendly product by using only natural fibers such as wool and often,vegetable dyes.  They use age old, traditional equipment in their hand-looming much the same as they have used for hundred of years in that area, helping to preserve heritage craft tradition. 

Light Manali Shawls

Dark Manali Shawls

We've got great tags!

Each Manali Shawl includes the informational tag below! These are are more than just labels - they add a finishing touch to your purchase. Each tag not only provides essential information but also reflects the thought and care that go into every item we source and offer.

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