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kantha shawl

Our Kantha collection is ethically produced in India, made from vintage silk saris up-cycled into beautiful shawls. Two saris pieces are put together back to back and then sewn together with a"Kantha" running stitch creating a shawl with a completely different color and pattern on either side. Each of these pieces are unique in pattern and color and threads. We love using vintage cloth and re-creating a new product from old.

Our Kantha Shawls sell out so fast, that instead of posting photos of each individual shawl, we now have examples of colours and patterns you can expect. Please indicate your preferred colour in the text box provided. 

As always, for specific questions or colour requests, please email

Kantha Shawl Blue

Kantha Shawl Green

Kantha Shawl Orange

Kantha Shawl Pink

Kantha Shawl Purple

Kantha Shawl Red