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Handcrafted Cards

Marigold Collective's Handcrafted Cards are made by a fair trade artisan group, located in Bangladesh. The producers use many types of natural and local materials to create handmade paper. Hemp, wheat straw, pineapple leaves, coconut fibers, recycled paper, and cotton waste from the garment industry, are some of the materials used to make unique and create paper. The women who produce the paper also make these greeting cards.

Handcrafted Cards

  • Card Styles:

    • Card Set 1: Gold Accents 
    • Card Set  2: Orange Fish 
    • Card Set 3: Hummingbirds
    • Card Set 4: Violet and Yellow Pasted
    • Card Set 5: Fuchsia, Orange, Blue & Red
    • Card Set 6: Blue, Yellow Brown & Pink Floral



    • Blank Inside
    • Certified Fair Trade
    • Handcrafted in Bangladesh
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