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Water Hyacinth Bee Hive Storage Basket

* This item is available for wholesale orders only. 

Marigold Collective's Bee Hive Storage Baskets are made from Water Hyacinth.

This plant is an aquatic plant that is found in almost everywhere in Bangladesh.  It is often considered a highly problematic plant because it grows very fast and it blocks the waterways.  The pulp of this plant is used to make paper and the dry stems to weave baskets. The stems can be twisted very easily because it is fine and flexible. 


Baskets are hand woven by skilled artisans in Bangladesh.


Water Hyacinth Bee Hive Storage Basket

  • These baskets are made from Water Hyacinth in Bangladesh. They make a perfect unique storage basket in your kitchen or bathroom.


    • 11 1/2 “ tall and 6 1/2 “ top opening diameter
    • One Size
    • Made of Water Hyacinth
    • Certified Fair Trade
    • Handcrafted in Bangladesh
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